Which roulette variation is best for making money?

best roulette variation

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best roulette variation

Many people play roulette because of the possibility to go home a millionaire if luck is on your side. However, it can also make you very poor in just a short period of time. If you are a risk-taker and would love to try your luck, roulette is the right one for you. To begin playing, you have to know the different roulette variations. Each comes with a particular house edge.

European roulette is the most common roulette variation found in both land-based and online casinos.

Below are some of the popular roulette variations:

European roulette – It is one of the popular roulette variations well-loved by Indian players. It is one of the best in terms of profitability because the house edge is only 2.70%.
American roulette – It is widely played in the United States, where its name is derived from. From the United States, American roulette has dominated the online casino world. Today, many Indian players prefer to play American roulette over other roulette variations. It is quite the same as the European roulette, but American roulette has a more considerable house edge of 5.26%.
French roulette – It is almost the same as European roulette but comes with special rules that would benefit the players. One additional rule is “en prison,” which gives the player extra spin to win back the stake. This rule puts the house edge way lower, specifically 1.35%. The low house edge of French roulette is the additional game rule la partage and en prison. These additional rules are something you can’t find in other roulette variations.
Double ball roulette – It is the less common variation that begins as an experiment by casinos. The purpose of creating double ball roulette is to provide more fun and entertaining than the usual roulette and to persuade new players to give it a try. Just like the European roulette, the double ball has a low house edge. Note that not all casinos have double ball roulette.
Multi-wheel roulette – It is a roulette variation that brings the game to a whole new level. Instead of the usual one ball and wheel combination, multi-wheel roulette has eight wheels that you can place your bet all at once. Isn’t that exciting? However, you are not making eight different bets each round. What you are going to do is to place the same bet on all active wheels. The beauty of this roulette is you get to select which wheels are active. While a multi-wheel roulette is not available at all land-based casinos, the good news is most online casinos have it.
Rapid roulette/video roulette – It offers roulette in a video form. The wheel is not virtual, and a real person could do the spinning of the wheel. There are instances when the ball is electronically deployed, and it is free to land wherever it once too once it hits the wheel.
Mini roulette – It is the simplified version of the regular roulette. It does not have a standard 37-number wheel in European roulette and 30 number wheel on American roulette, instead, mini roulette only has 13. Aside from the reduced numbers, a bet in mini roulette that does not include zero will only lead to losing half of the stake if the ball ends in zero. It is good because if this is the case in the standard roulette, you will lose all your bet.
Marvel roulette – The game is played on the usual European wheel, but it comes with extra marvel bonus space. In this variation, there is a marvel bonus space where you place the bonus chips, and if the ball lands on that space, you will be taken to a 3-reel slot machine and perform three spins with the hope of lining up all three Marvel comics characters to win the prize.

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Is a no house advantage possible when playing roulette?

No. There is always a house advantage because that is how casinos make money. Always keep in mind that casinos be it online or land-based, are a form of business. They benefit from the players, and each of the roulette machines has a specific house edge depending on the type and variation. On the flip side, there is one particular roulette variation that does not have a house edge, and it is called “no zero roulette.” However, it is not common at all, especially today. You can rarely find them in online or land-based casinos. Why? Well, the casino won’t profit from it.

If by any chance, you found a no zero roulette, you might as well grab the opportunity as the chances of making money is high, especially when playing in the long run. If you can’t find any zero roulette, stick with the next best option: European roulette and French roulette. They are advantageous to players as the house edge is lower when compared with other roulette variations.


Making money on online gambling, such as in an online casino is possible, but is not always a guarantee. Every game offered in online casinos has rules and built-in algorithms, which ensures that one way or another, the online casino will make money in the long run. If luck is on your side, you could win, but it does not guarantee a long-term win. In roulette and other casino games based on luck and fortune, the house always wins. The good thing with roulette is that each variation has a specific house edge. If you want to increase your chances of winning, choose a roulette variation with the lower house edge.

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