Valentine’s Day – Fun with Cupid

Valentine’s Day – Fun with Cupid

Another great trip! Our Valentine’s Day Trip was actually on Valentine’s Day – it was nice of Cupid to put February 14th on a weekday for us. This was another one of those trips where everyone won something on the bus. Don’t get spoiled, we can’t do that all the time, but Debbie outdid herself in finding great deals to give away on the bus.

There was some confusion as to the buffet, but thankfully it worked out so that if you had the “regular” buffet you could use a coupon (coupons weren’t accepted for the more expensive special Valentine’s buffet). That’s one of the things to watch on the Calder calendar – when they have a special buffet sometimes they also have the “regular” buffet and sometimes they don’t.

We had our first Wednesday afternoon Calder Casino BINGO winner. It was the coverall game, split five ways so each of the BINGO’ers won $100 in free play. I seem to have fallen into the “almost” category, needing one number on one game and two numbers on two games. Oh well, maybe next time I’ll be able to tell you how much free play I won…

St. Patrick wasn’t as cooperative as Cupid, so our St. Patrick’s trip will be on Wednesday March 14th (wear green if you’ve got it!). Debbie’s got 40 people signed up already, so if you haven’t made your reservations yet you’d better call soon (239-247-0869). We’ve already got a couple of people signed up for our April 11th trip. That will be our one year anniversary trip as we ran our first trip in April last year.

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Author: Wayne Parker