Merry Christmas – Make a Child Happy

Valentine’s Day – Fun with Cupid

Happy Holidays! We’ve been busy, but not that busy, which is a way of saying I’m not sure why we didn’t get anything posted after our November Gobble-Gobble trip. We did get the pictures posted out there on Facebook, including a turkey suit, a turkey tiara, and a turkey hat. We did our mini fund raiser on the bus for Oma’s Heart, and I’m please to say that we raised $115.00 for them to help needy Lee County families to have a better Christmas.

Our Merry Christmas – Make a Child Happy trip this week was great! Then again, the sound system on the bus wasn’t working quite right. Other than that the trip was great, and they’re working on getting that issue taken care of. We raised $122.50 for Oma’s Heart, and it got even better when half of the 50-50 winnings were donated back to boost that to $167.50!

Nearly everyone on the November trip donated toys to the Calder Toy Drive. Some brought their own, but most took advantage of Debbie’s good deals. You might have noticed several of our toys on display behind the Player’s Club Desk on the day of our November trip. Not too surprising as the toy drive had just begun. But on our December trip we saw that many of our November donations were still being prominently displayed – thanks to Debbie’s nose for great clearance deals and your generosity some kids will be getting a really nice present this year! And we added even more great toys to the cause on our trip this week.

BTW, when you take a look at the November pictures in Facebook you might wonder where the December pictures are. They’re still in the camera. They’re just about to the top of my to-do list so they should be out there soon. That’s assuming that Debbie was able to keep the camera on auto. It got bumped to another setting in November, so some of the pictures were too fuzzy (including all the birthday pictures). She put a piece of tape on the auto switch this time, but when she dropped the camera the batteries popped out. Oh well, we never claimed to be professional photographers…

Can you keep a secret? We’ve had several winners in the Magic Carpet Hot Seat game, and before that we had several winners in the Roundup Slot Tournament. It’s not on the Calder website yet, but we hear that the Hot Seat game is being retired for now and they will be adding BINGO sessions on Wednesday afternoons. BINGO cards are free, you get them for points earned that day. As you may know, we plan our personal trips to Calder around the Wednesday & Friday evening BINGO sessions. All of us Nelsons enjoy the evening BINGO sessions, and two out of three of us have won several times (I think Debbie won once or twice…). Anyways, we’re really looking forward to the Wednesday afternoon BINGO sessions!

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Author: Wayne Parker