Domestic Goddess – BINGO on the Go!

Valentine’s Day – Fun with Cupid

Our trip this week was lots of fun! Congratulations to Queen Mary, our Queen for the Day. Heaven only knows what Debbie will think up for our next trip!

Depends on your definition of “big”, but we either had some big hits this week or at least a couple of nice ones. I was lucky enough to walk by at just the right time to see $400 on an 80 cent bet. I didn’t hit it big, but I did come home with a little more than I took with me.

Several people took advantage of the free BINGO that Calder now has on Wednesday afternoons. I came close a couple of times, but he just wouldn’t call the right number for me.

As some of you know, we had another trip a week ago. We took a bus full of Old Bridge Villagers to Calder on Wednesday the 10th. That was another good trip, but unfortunately the sound system on the bus wasn’t working correctly. The bus company is working on that issue now, and we had a different bus on the 17th with everything working properly.

BTW, January is a first for Fun Casino Trips LLC – the first time we’ve had three trips in the same month. We’re doing a Special Olympics fund raiser on Wednesday the 31st. The bus is full, but if you’re interested in going check with Debbie – we had a cancellation this morning, and filled that seat in less than an hour.

Looking ahead our next trip is on Wednesday February 14th – Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure that you can guess what the theme is for that trip. In March we’re going on Wednesday the 14th, and if you need help guessing that theme look about 3 days later on the March calendar. We’re already looking forward to April – we ran our first trip last April, so this will be Fun Casino Trips LLC’s one year anniversary trip!

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Author: Wayne Parker